Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plants Vs Zombies (app)

The plants vs zombies app is free! I don't know if it is free on the play store though... I downloaded an app called aptoide from the internet (not play store) and its most downloaded game was plants vs zombie free! To download plants vs zombies you must go onto settings           ->security and there should be something about downloading things that aren't from the play store. Turn that on. Its done!!!!

At first the game seems really boring as you win every lvl, but it gets harder. When you reach the backyard, things get a lot harder as there are underwater zombies which pea shooter can't hit. You either need the stomper or the drak green vines (very slow recharge). Cherry bombs are a faster way, but it costs  triple the stomper and 6 times the dark green vines.

There isn't a cheat in plants vs zombies, even if there is one, it won't be very sporty to cheat on this game.

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