Saturday, March 2, 2013


I started playing minecraft 1 year ago at my friend's place one day and I found it very addictive. So when I bought the game I already knew what to do. I managed to find 8 diamond blocks in one cluster, but never more. I was told by a friend that the best place to dig was in the y axis. In version 1.3.4 you have to press F3 on the keyboard and info on where you are will appear. There will be a y axis. Next to it it must say 13. To get to 13, you must either dig up or down until you reach it. From there, you must break every block in front of you. Most common place for diamonds apparently.
The best place for redstone is just above bedrock. In v1.3.4 they let you change what mode you were in survival/creative. I didn't use that because that was kind of like cheating and ruined the game for me as I was tempted to use it.
Before I bought the game, I had a cracked version. It was because I was not allowed to buy games online in case a virus had found its way into the system. For those people, you should download it from YOURFILEDOWNLOADER. It was useful for me. I had v1.2.4 . You can still save the cracked file into the original - I did not have to start again. After that you must delete the cracked file or the new one might not let you upgrade it.
I stopped playing minecraft 1month ago because I really ruined my game when I fell in lava with all my precious things. I started again after that, but it happened again in the same place. I did not have the time for it anymore and started playing more on my ps3. I rarely play nowadays and spend my time watching youtube videos instead - still as entertaining.
Never get supremely addicted or you will fail your exams! - just joking, that didn't happen to me.
Minecraft is a good game to play if you can control your time on the computer!

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