Monday, March 11, 2013

Factor Tree and Prime Notation


For example 68 and 108:
      68                                                   108
    2     34                                           2       54
         2      17                                            2    27
                                                                     3    9
                                                                         3   3       must divide with prime number

This helps with finding the HCF and LCM. 

The factors which are the same are multiplied with each other. {2x2} The highest common factor is 4.

To find the LCM, you must multiply the highest powers of each number. Therefore the lowest common multiple is 2x2x3x3x3x17. This is 1836.

This is what you do when they ask you to answer questions in index notation. Instead of writing 2x2 for example, you must write 2 (with indices) to the power of 2. 

The 'Box' Technique

This is a technique used for questions where you have to find out how many things does one person has compared to others.

Simple Question:
Sally had 12 ducks. Bill has x3 more ducks than Sally. Jerome has 18 ducks less than Bill. 

S {12}
B {36} 12x3
J {18}  12x3-18

This is a really simple question - you do not need to use this technique for this.
When you get to harder questions, this is useful.

12 is one whole therefore counting as one 'box'.
12x3 is 3 boxes
12x3-18 is 3 boxes minus 18.

Easy and neat way to answer these questions.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pythagoras Theorem

The Pythagoras Theorem means (a)squared plus (b)squared = (c)squared.

It works with a right angled triangle.

The question for this is usually a tree which has fallen down.

For example a was 3cm and b was 4cm. C would be 5cm.

        a + c is the whole tree. When c falls off, what is the distance from the stump?
Try drawing this in a book (make sure it is a right angled triangle).  


HCF of 64 and 132:  2|64  132
                                 2 |32  66
                                    |16  33

2x2 is 4. Therefore highest common factor is 4. To get the lowest common multiple from here we do 2x2x16x33. The lowest common factor is 2112.

HCF of 328 and 428:  4|328  428
                                     |82  107

4x1 is 4. Therefore the highest common factor is 4. To get the lowest common multiple from here we do 4x1x82x107. The lowest common multiple is 35096.

The divisors multiplied with each other give the HCF.
The divisors multiplied with each other and the quotients gives the LCM

Easy once you practise.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plants Vs Zombies (app)

The plants vs zombies app is free! I don't know if it is free on the play store though... I downloaded an app called aptoide from the internet (not play store) and its most downloaded game was plants vs zombie free! To download plants vs zombies you must go onto settings           ->security and there should be something about downloading things that aren't from the play store. Turn that on. Its done!!!!

At first the game seems really boring as you win every lvl, but it gets harder. When you reach the backyard, things get a lot harder as there are underwater zombies which pea shooter can't hit. You either need the stomper or the drak green vines (very slow recharge). Cherry bombs are a faster way, but it costs  triple the stomper and 6 times the dark green vines.

There isn't a cheat in plants vs zombies, even if there is one, it won't be very sporty to cheat on this game.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

DBZ Budokai Tenkachi 2 is the 2nd installment of the Budokai Tenkaichi Series. Do not mistake Budokai Tenkaichi for Budokai because there is a vast difference. For one BT has better graphics and more attacks than its older brother B. The best DBZ game ever to be created is definitely DBZ BT3 even though its on the Ps2.

About DBZ BT2. To unlock all the characrters you must not only finish all the levels, but you have to play the extra lvls and figure out all the combinations. I had spent countless days trying every mixture out. The best way is just to use the internet. I had to use the internet only to figure out 2 combinations, Grandpa Gohan and Kid Goku (they are very weak at what they do).

Majin Buu Saga was the most fun fulled senario as it contained many lvls and we finally unlocked one of my favourite characters, Gotenks Super Saiyan 3! There is no gotenks super saiyan 2 for that matter. I suggest you watch the cut scenes at they contain very imporatnt parts of the story even though its a time consuming thing, it must be done.

To make your characters stronger you must lvl them up. You must give them items to hold and play their senarios all the time. From lvl 68, my goku ss4 was lvl 100 plus!!!!!! Very strong and easy to win fights with. Sometimes you may find that a dragon ball has appeared in the fighting zone - its best to get it, but if your winning the fight and its a really tough one you shouldn't get it. The Dragon balls do give you a wish, but the wishes aren't helpful at all. You may think it is an attack or defend +15 or something, but its just a collective thing.

The only cheat I can think of is to play lvl 1 all the time. No cheats I have found so far. If you have recently bought a dbz bt3 game (very unlikely as they cost more than 100 dollars since they are a collector's edition game) - don't open it. Few years from now and it can be worth double or triple for what you bought it for

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I started playing minecraft 1 year ago at my friend's place one day and I found it very addictive. So when I bought the game I already knew what to do. I managed to find 8 diamond blocks in one cluster, but never more. I was told by a friend that the best place to dig was in the y axis. In version 1.3.4 you have to press F3 on the keyboard and info on where you are will appear. There will be a y axis. Next to it it must say 13. To get to 13, you must either dig up or down until you reach it. From there, you must break every block in front of you. Most common place for diamonds apparently.
The best place for redstone is just above bedrock. In v1.3.4 they let you change what mode you were in survival/creative. I didn't use that because that was kind of like cheating and ruined the game for me as I was tempted to use it.
Before I bought the game, I had a cracked version. It was because I was not allowed to buy games online in case a virus had found its way into the system. For those people, you should download it from YOURFILEDOWNLOADER. It was useful for me. I had v1.2.4 . You can still save the cracked file into the original - I did not have to start again. After that you must delete the cracked file or the new one might not let you upgrade it.
I stopped playing minecraft 1month ago because I really ruined my game when I fell in lava with all my precious things. I started again after that, but it happened again in the same place. I did not have the time for it anymore and started playing more on my ps3. I rarely play nowadays and spend my time watching youtube videos instead - still as entertaining.
Never get supremely addicted or you will fail your exams! - just joking, that didn't happen to me.
Minecraft is a good game to play if you can control your time on the computer!

About Free Trials

I'm only posting this for the people who don't know about how you can download a free trial use it forever. It is pretty straight forward. All you need to do after the trial is over is to re install the document. If you had not known this you can start doing it, but the thing is after the trial is over, everything that was saved ON THE FILE is gone. That is why you should save the folder else where before the trial is over.

You should use this for your advantage. I do not think this works with antivirus - I've never tried - always bought it legit. I think it may ask you for your email and you have to create another email - it could be more complex than that. But you should always buy antivirus. I find that NORTON 360 is better than MCAFFEE and the other protections. My computer was hacked when Mcaffee was installed. Everything was deleted - stopped using it. After the deal with mcaffee is over it always asks you if you want to re download it - very annoying and you might click on something you weren't meant to.