Saturday, March 2, 2013

About Free Trials

I'm only posting this for the people who don't know about how you can download a free trial use it forever. It is pretty straight forward. All you need to do after the trial is over is to re install the document. If you had not known this you can start doing it, but the thing is after the trial is over, everything that was saved ON THE FILE is gone. That is why you should save the folder else where before the trial is over.

You should use this for your advantage. I do not think this works with antivirus - I've never tried - always bought it legit. I think it may ask you for your email and you have to create another email - it could be more complex than that. But you should always buy antivirus. I find that NORTON 360 is better than MCAFFEE and the other protections. My computer was hacked when Mcaffee was installed. Everything was deleted - stopped using it. After the deal with mcaffee is over it always asks you if you want to re download it - very annoying and you might click on something you weren't meant to.

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