Sunday, August 28, 2011

LEGO Batman

On LEGO Batman I have completed all the hero's levels and have only completed one villain level that is the the Riddler's level. After I finished the hero's level, I noticed that you could unlock things by typing in a code on the code option. Freeplay mode is very fun as you can play as NightWing and Batwoman that actually aren't in the game!

Purple studs give you 10,000 coins and there is a very good code which allows you to get your coins multiplied by 10! You can also get your score multiplied by 8 if you don't want to cheat extremely. My favourite character is the Riddler as he can fly with his cane and he has the best combos.

I really think that the creators of LEGO Batman should make another game.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lego Games

My favourite lego game is lego batman on the PS2. Next is Star Wars the Clone Wars 3 for the 3DS. There is also a lego movie, but I do not know what is called. I believe it is the first lego movie. You can get it at Kmart. That is where I got lego batman. When a lego game comes out I will probably buy it. Only if is to do with a super hero or star wars!!!!!!!!

If you not played a lego game yet I advise you to atleast try it out. I assure you it will be really fun.
By the way, there is this game called icicle and Year 6 people started playing it and I started playing it. The game will be on the ABC3 website. For your convenience, just type in icicle the game on your search engine and it should turn up!!!!!!!!


In the Sinnoh region, the best starter pokemon is chimchar. The second best is piplup and the worst is turtwig.
In the Jhoto region, my favourite starter pokemon totodile!
In pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you can get Giratina in Tunback Cave. Giratina will be on level 70.
To get Creselia, you must go to Canalave City and talk to the sailor their. He will say that his son is sick and if you could help him to find the cure. He will take you to an island where you will retrieve the cure and their you will see Creselia. Just like Mesperit, Creselia will be travelling across the Sinnoh region.
In Soul Silver you can get the three legendary dogs and the three legendary birds. To get Lugia you must beat all the Kimono Girls and they will give you a bell which can summon Lugia in Whirl Island. I am pretty sure the Whirl island on the top right is the correct island to enter. You must have the silver wing or the guy won't let you pass.
You can not trade pokemon black and white to pokemon diamond, pearl, soul silver, platinum and heart gold.
If anyone wants to know where to download pokemon black or white, there is no site that I know of. If anyone knows just comment on this blog post.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This game is really addictive and I first knew about it when my brother started playing it. I asked him where he found out this game from and he just said 4 words. Good Game Spawn Point. Good Game Spawn Point reviews games and answer your questions. Just type in good game spawn point and it will allow you to post a email them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how I know what to buy and what to play.

Bloons Tower Defense 4

This hyperlink takes you to Bloons Tower Defense 4. It is a strategic game where you must not let any balloons reach the end. There are awesome weapons such as MOAB Maulers and my favourite, Sun God. You must be rank 30/31 to upgrade your average plasma super monkey into a sun god. 

Download Ds Games

To download Ds games onto your r4, you must have nds files. The only site that you can download ds games that will work is! Only site I know of. Freakshare and Megaupload do not work. They give you rar files not nds files. When you download, it also comes with cheats!

Lego Star Wars The Clone Wars 3 #3DS

To make all the coins reappear after you have collected them, you must enter the character customization room. Go on the machine ( Note that you do not need to edit anyone ). Then all the coins will have reappeared!