Friday, May 10, 2013

What Is A Colloid?

A colloid is between a solution and a suspension. A colloid is formed when the particles are larger than the particles in a solution, yet smaller than the particles in a suspension (particle of the solute).

There are 6 different types of colloids: emulsions, sols, foams, gels, smokes, mists

Emulsion - particles of liquid are spread throughout another liquid e.g. milk

Sol - particles of a solid spread throughout a liquid e.g. blood plasma

Foam - gas mixed with a liquid e.g. shaving cream

Gel - liquid particles are held between particles of a solid e.g. jelly

Smoke - when a solid is spread throughout gas e.g. carbon + air

Mist - liquid spread throughout a gas e.g. fog

These are the 6 different types of colloids.
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