Thursday, July 28, 2011


In the Sinnoh region, the best starter pokemon is chimchar. The second best is piplup and the worst is turtwig.
In the Jhoto region, my favourite starter pokemon totodile!
In pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you can get Giratina in Tunback Cave. Giratina will be on level 70.
To get Creselia, you must go to Canalave City and talk to the sailor their. He will say that his son is sick and if you could help him to find the cure. He will take you to an island where you will retrieve the cure and their you will see Creselia. Just like Mesperit, Creselia will be travelling across the Sinnoh region.
In Soul Silver you can get the three legendary dogs and the three legendary birds. To get Lugia you must beat all the Kimono Girls and they will give you a bell which can summon Lugia in Whirl Island. I am pretty sure the Whirl island on the top right is the correct island to enter. You must have the silver wing or the guy won't let you pass.
You can not trade pokemon black and white to pokemon diamond, pearl, soul silver, platinum and heart gold.
If anyone wants to know where to download pokemon black or white, there is no site that I know of. If anyone knows just comment on this blog post.

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