Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lego Games

My favourite lego game is lego batman on the PS2. Next is Star Wars the Clone Wars 3 for the 3DS. There is also a lego movie, but I do not know what is called. I believe it is the first lego movie. You can get it at Kmart. That is where I got lego batman. When a lego game comes out I will probably buy it. Only if is to do with a super hero or star wars!!!!!!!!

If you not played a lego game yet I advise you to atleast try it out. I assure you it will be really fun.
By the way, there is this game called icicle and Year 6 people started playing it and I started playing it. The game will be on the ABC3 website. For your convenience, just type in icicle the game on your search engine and it should turn up!!!!!!!!

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